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Bid to host the World Championships


Hi friends,

Today I have an important announcement to make. The venues for the World Championships need to be settled and this is your chance to bring the tournament to your own country. From today we are accepting bids for organization of all three divisions which are going to take place at the end of this season. You can check which division your country plays in in the "International" section. There are strict rules to follow if you want to submit your bid. I will list them all here:

1. Each country can only have one candidacy.
2. Each division tournament can only take place in one of the countries which are taking part in that division.
3. Each potential organizer must first report to the captain of their national support team. If the country does not have a captain, no bids from this country will be accepted (if there is a suitable candidate for the captain position he/she may apply by contacting me or tuttle).
4. If there are more potential candidacies in the same country, the captain will choose the one to be submitted and therefore also the coordinator of the organizing committee.
5. The selected organizing committee will then submit the official candidacy (in English) to debik@powerplaymanager.com.
6. If there is no suitable bidder to host the World Championships in any of the divisions, the PPM development team will select the country and venues.

The candidacy must contain the following:

1. Tournament logo (240x180 pixels or larger)
2. List of arenas to be used including the expected and guaranteed capacity of each arena during the tournament and their accessories. It is important to note the reasons why you think the promised capacity and accessories will be completed in time. The list should include 4 arenas plus 2 extra arenas in case some of the main 4 arenas are unfinished or unsuitable to host the tournament.
3. The organizing committee will consist of the coordinator, his/her helper, the captain of the support team and the general manager of the national team. The captain of the support team and general manager cannot also be the coordinator and/or helper. The coordinator and the helper will be responsible for making sure the arena construction is finished on time and for providing alternatives if needed. The captain and the general manager are part of the organizing committee but only as counselors. They also act as a backup team if the coordinator and/or helper are unable to do their job. The coordinator must be from the given country while the helper may be from any country. All members of the committee should be properly introduced (age, league, achievements) to establish their credibility.
4. Extras - anything special that the organizing committee can provide during the championships. For example competitions for the managers with credit winnings, betting competitions, providing credits for the owner of the top goal scorer or even a real hardware trophy at the expenses of the committee. These are just examples but you can think of something else of course.

Criteria for choosing the host country:

1. The overall quality of the official candidacy.
2. Guarantees that the promised arenas and/or extras will be available.
3. The credibility and reputation of the members of the organizing committee.
4. Number of hockey teams from the country.
5. PRO pack percentage in the country.
6. Time since the country last hosted the tournament.

The deadline for submitting your bids is January 31, 2010. We will announce the finalists a few days after that and then we will pick the countries that will host each division of the World Championships.

Now for other news. We have added the Bulgarian ice surface with the 2010 winter games theme. Currently we are still working on the database splitting and the subsequent migration to new servers. Therefore we are not fixing small bugs right now and will get back to them after this is done. We expect to have it done by the end of this month.

Yesterday we had some troubles with the database server. It was overloaded and we had to restart it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Finally, I would like to turn your attention to two tournaments where you have the chance to win a good number of credits. Both have a very generous donation and it would be a shame if they failed to start. You can find them here:

That's all for now. Have a nice day.


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