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More news about soccer

Hello folks,

Today I bring more news about soccer but first things first. A new junior developer has joined us. His name is Adam a.k.a. Frusciante. He has started his training already and hopefully he can help us in faster development.

We have also added a new rule. From now on it is forbidden to influence the results based on agreement with the manager of the opposing team. You can find all the rules of the game here: http://ppm.powerplaymanager.com/en/rules.html.

Now to report what we have been doing lately. We have changed the way player salaries are calculated. We have been analyzing the situation concerning the salaries of the players and we have come to the conclusion that under the current formula the salaries would grow so much in the future that it would threaten the economic stability of the teams. During the analysis we have also discovered that the salaries of defensemen have not been calculated as intended. Therefore we have decided to change this formula. However, these changes will have the opposite effect now. You may notice next time you sign a new contract with a player that his salary has grown more than usual but in the future it should grow slower than it would be with the current formula. The overall effect in the long run will cause the expenses on player salaries to go down. The current contracts with players will be unaffected by this change.

One thing related to this change are the salaries of the foreign players. Until now, foreigners had salaries 25% higher than domestic players. This has been removed and the foreigners will thus become equally expensive as domestic players. We have decided to do this because the teams from smaller countries had a smaller pool of domestic players to choose from on the market.

I would also like to report that we have added a new feature which you can find in your profile. Click on your user name anywhere in the game to view your profile. You can now set the languages in which you can communicate by clicking the + sign on the right hand side of the profile. Everyone who enters your profile will be able to see which languages you speak.

The competition for the country with most Vancouver 2010 theme ice surfaces has been closed and here are the results:

Country with the most paintings: Slovakia - 260 paintings
Country with the most paintings per user: Switzerland - 0.016 paintings per user

Both countries will receive an award into their profile which will be added in the near future. As soon as we find some time for it.

Finally the news about soccer. The development is moving on at a very good pace and we hope to let our testers into soccer in about two weeks. We have also given thought to scheduling the launch of the beta version. We would like to let users into the game gradually in batches and not all at once. The first users could be able to enter the game in about a month from now. Please bear in mind that this is just a rough estimate and could change depending on the complications we encounter.

That is all for now. Have a nice day!

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