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Sponsored tournaments for special prizes

Hi friends,

The development team is currently working hard on the new design of welcome pages and these are very busy times in the office. Despite all the hurry we have managed to set up a few attractive credit tournaments for you.

The biggest ones are Pension Tyrol World Elite Open and Pension Tyrol World B-Open. The first one is for teams with OTR over 200 and instead of credits you may win accommodation in Pension Tyrol in the Alps or gift items such as PPM T-shirts and caps. You can read all the details in tournament profile. The possible dates of accommodation are in the months of May, June, September and October in 2011. The second tournament is identical to the first one but it is only for teams with OTR 200 or lower.

But that's not all. We have Official PPM Elite Cup and Official PPM Newbie Cup with a donation of 500 credits from PPM in each of the two tournaments. Once again the first one is for teams with OTR over 200 and the second one for team with OTR 200 or lower. The entry fee is only 2 credits and non-PRO users will be preferred in both tournaments when accepting applications.

Then we have 2 tournaments where the winner wins a game for Playstation 3. Army of Two Tournament is open for all applicants and the winner will receive a PS3 game Army of Two in addition to the credits. Polish Dragon Age Cup is reserved for Polish users only. The top prize is another PS3 game Dragon Age: Poczatek in Polish plus, of course, the credits.

Finally, we would like to thank manager kvasnice for improving the Czech database of names.

That's all, see you at the tournaments!

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