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Market agent and other new features

Dear managers,

I have plenty to report today. Several new features have just been launched and I would like to introduce them to you one by one.

Market agent

This feature was announced quite some time ago and it is also a feature which was requested by many of you. It allows users to set up an agent that will automatically post bids on players or staff members on the market. You just select someone on the market and set the maximum price that you are willing to pay. This will come in extremely handy when you cannot be online at the time when the player or the staff member reaches deadline on the market. The agent will, of course, always offer the lowest possible price so that you don't spend more than you need to.

In order to prevent frequent wars of these agents on the market, we decided to make this feature relatively expensive. One usage costs 10 credits.

Advertising system

Even though this has been launched before, several enhancements have been added today. First we launched the option to advertise players, then tournaments and now it is also possible to advertise staff members. Both in hockey and soccer. Team profiles will be enabled in the next few days as well. We have also added the page with statistics (hockey - soccer) and some useful information (hockey - soccer) about the system. Another improvement is, that when your advertising package is over, you get team news with the report about the efficiency of the package. You will see how many hits your ad has brought. As for the voices saying that this feature gives an in-game advantage to the paying users we would like to say this:

The players who are advertised are never sold for more than they are worth. All it gives is a better chance for the users to sell their players for as much as they are worth. It reduces the risk of the player being overlooked by other managers, but it does not mean that the player will be sold for a miraculous price. We know this because this feature has been going on for a week or so and there have been no such cases as yet. The gamemasters are, of course, keeping an eye on these transfers like any other transfers and they are making sure nobody gets an unfair advantage.

To use this feature, click on the player, staff member or tournament that you want to advertise. There you can find the links that will take you to the advertising system.

Tournament invitations

Apart from advertising the tournament, you also have the option to send invitations to others. This feature will greatly reduce the risk of a tournament not being filled up. There are three methods of sending invitations.

  1. Send invitations according to specific criteria - This is very similar to automatic opponent search. You just specify the criteria such as OTR, league level, country and whether the team has a puck or pennant.
  2. Invite teams from previous tournaments - If you have organized a tournament in the past, you have the option to invite all the participants to your newly established tournament.
  3. Invite specific teams - Finally, you have the option to type in the team IDs of the teams that you want to invite. This is the least comfortable solution, but it gives you the power to make a precise selection of teams. Just make sure you type in the team IDs and not manager IDs.

The invitations are sent via team news. This is also a credit feature and the price depends on the selected method and the number of invitations. For more details open a tournament that you are organizing and click on the link to invite teams.

Hall of fame

In soccer we have launched the hall of fame feature. Here you can put your most famous players and write a few words about them. You can induct any player that has ever been a part of your team. If you induct a player, his stats in the hall of fame exhibit will be frozen. The player's awards and milestones will also be displayed in the exhibit. Like in hockey, the price is 5 credits for one player.

National team uniforms and logos

The national team managers in soccer now have the option to upload the national team uniforms and logo. The first upload is for free, the change of the uniform or logo costs credits.

Training camp

Finally I would like to mention that we have decreased the minimum length of a training camp to one day.

That's all for today, enjoy the new features!

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