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1000 days of PPM hockey

Dear managers,

Last Saturday, January 14, marked 1000 days since the launch of the full version of hockey on PPM. We are glad to share this milestone with all of you, who have supported us during all this time and we hope that there are many days to come yet.

But that's not the only news I have for you today. We have made a couple of minor changes in the hockey engine for the next season:

  • Change in the calculation of penalties: A change in the system has been made to reduce the potential extremes in calculation of penalties. In other words, if one team has already had a few penalties, the likelihood of getting another one is reduced. For example games where one team has 8 power plays and the other team 0 should be less frequent.
  • Influence of energy on shooting: Up until now, the shooting attribute of players has not been affected by energy. Due to this, the save percentage of goalies went down in the playoffs because the goaltenders were not as fresh as they were at the start of the season.

New season will also bring new system of elections of national team managers in hockey. Stay tuned for more details.

Free agents in football

I would just like to remind you that free agency will start soon in football. It will work exactly the same way as in hockey. All the details will be published in the guide as soon as the system is launched. For those who don't play hockey, I will just say that players over 26 years of age will be able to sign a contract with the highest bidder when their contract expires. However, you will be able to keep the player for a "hometown discount". If you decide to let the player go, you will receive a financial compensation in the amount of 50% of the signing bonus paid by the player's new team. You will also be able to protect your best players by giving them season bonuses which will increase your hometown discount.

Forums optimization

We are currently working on optimizing the forums from the database point of view. The number of unread posts in the Newest posts column has been disabled temporarily. As soon as the optimization is done, the number of unread posts will return, however, the counter will have to be reset for all users. That means that all the posts in threads that you have viewed in the past, will be marked as read in the beginning. We believe that after these changes, the forums will no longer be such a burden on the servers as they are now.

Change in SMS code in UK and Switzerland

Information for UK and Swiss residents. Please note that the required SMS text in these two countries has changed recently. If you want to buy credits via SMS, please check the PRO zone for the text that you need to send. Otherwise your payments may fail.

Also check out the improved Team strength evolution graph and League standings development graph implemented yesterday!

Have a nice day!

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