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World Championship bids and new arena design

Dear friends,

The PPM Ice Hockey World Championships are once again drawing closer and it's time to announce the slightly updated requirements as well as the deadline for sending bids. The Championships start only a day after the real World Championships on May 5 and we would like to have the hosts selected until April 27. Therefore we have decided to set the deadline to deliver the bids to April 22. Read the requirements and rules below.

Guidelines for sending bids:
  1. Each country can send in only one bid.
  2. Each division tournament can only take place in one of the countries which are taking part in that division.
  3. The organizing committee will consist of the coordinator, and a maximum of three helpers.
  4. Each potential organizer must first report to the national team manager. If there are more potential bids in the same country, the national team manager will choose the one to be submitted and thus also the coordinator of the organizing committee.
  5. The selected organizing committee will then submit the official bid in English to vladimir.danis@powerplaymanager.com.
  6. If there is no suitable bidder to host the World Championships in any of the divisions, the PPM development team will select the country and venues.
Every bid must contain the following:
  1. Tournament logo (180x240 pixels or larger) - the logo must contain these texts in English: "Season 10", "PPM Ice Hockey World Championship", "Division I" (if it is Division I), "Division II" (if it is Division II).
  2. Tournament mascot (180x240 pixels or larger)
  3. List of arenas to be used including the expected and guaranteed capacity of each arena during the tournament and their accessories. The list should include 4 arenas plus 2 reserves in case some of the arenas are not completed in time or demolished.
  4. All members of the committee must be properly introduced (name, age, achievements) in order to establish their credibility.
  5. Extras - anything special that the organizing committee can provide during the tournament. For example website, competitions for the managers with prizes in credits, prediction pools, providing credits for the owner of the top goal scorer or even a real hardware trophy at the expenses of the committee. These are just examples, but don't be afraid to use your fantasy.
Criteria for choosing the host country:
  1. The overall quality of the official bid, including logo and mascot.
  2. The size and quality of the arenas.
  3. The credibility and reputation of the members of the organizing committee.
  4. Time since the country last hosted the tournament.
  5. Number of hockey teams from the country.
  6. PRO pack percentage in the country.

Finally, we would like to present to you the new look of arena that you will be able to have when the new design is launched in May. The arena will be customizable. Apart from uploading your own ice surface, you will also be able to customize the color and even add an inscription on your stands. Click image to enlarge.

New design of hockey arena

That's all, have a nice day!

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