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The sporting director regularly sends players for trials in the main team. You can sign and thus hire players who are in a trial period. Bear in mind that if you do not sign these players, they will leave when the new group of players arrives. The stars indicate an estimate of the player's suitability for the given position. They are determined by the qualities of attributes which are important for that position. You will be able to see the estimated qualities of attributes only after he joins the team.

Players recommended by the sports academy

No youngsters from the sports academy are being tested at the moment.

Days remaining until the arrival of new players: 2

Training camp

Twice a season you can organize a training camp at the Sports academy. The players that you send into this camp will improve faster. The higher the level of the sports academy, the more players you can send to this camp and the faster they will improve. You can send players to the camp for a maximum of 7 days. Warning! Players in the training camp will not be able to play games. If a random lineup is generated for the next game (for example if there is not enough healthy players), some players may return from the camp for one day to play the game. In this case they will not gain any training bonus.

Training camp
Season: 40
Camp start: 2021-06-06
Duration of camp in days: 7
Status: Ended
Players in the camp
Name ScP Age AvQ CL OR
Slovakia Medard Gutten Not scouted 18 45 6/6 102
Slovakia Adam Tuzemský Not scouted 16 50 6/6 94
Slovakia Miroslav Pella Not scouted 16 56 6/6 120
Slovakia Michal Královič Not scouted 17 40 6/6 122
Slovakia Martin Faldík Not scouted 16 48 6/6 103