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Info about payments and restart

Hello friends,

First of all info about project funding and PRO packs. On Monday, March 30 we will launch the PRO zone in the hockey account and also the possibility to buy credits for your accounts. These credits can then be used to activate the PRO pack once the full version starts and also to buy the first credit features. Initially only the buying of credits will be available by these 4 methods: credit card, bank transfer, moneybookers and paypal. It will not be possible to use these credits until the restart. So far all managers have the PRO pack activated. The PRO pack will be deactivated after the restart and it will be possible to activate it for credits.

Because the project funding is currently really difficult, I would like to ask those managers who like the game to buy their credits as soon as it is possible. That would really help us. We are in a situation where every euro has a value for us and also the launch of other sports depends on how much money we will have.

If you want to support us in other ways as well, it is possible by registering on the website of our partner Sportingbet. They are advertising on our website and from this we managed to fund some basic needs. Of course, it only makes sense to register if you like sport betting. Below is the registration link:;wi.468;hi.60/01/

I also bring news about preparations for the launch of Pre-Final version of hockey. As you surely know, the restart is getting closer. The scheduled date of restart is between April 6 and April 9, 2009. The whole process should last up to 12 hours but holdup and delay is possible. Therefore the promotion/relegation rounds will not be played to the end this last season. All teams will move to their national leagues after restart or to the "other world" league. The only things that remain are team name and arena name. Then the first league game day will be on April 20 and up to that point friendly games can be played. As we have mentioned only one game a day will be played and the last missing features will be implemented and the Pre-Final version will be changed to Final version. I will bring more news about restart in the next hockey news and I hope there will be no complications.

Thank you

Ivan alias tuttle

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