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Kanada Royal City Redshift - Royal City Spectra - V6E3: Players Question Manager's Priorities

Some of the Royal City Redshift players have publicly criticized manager canucks357's priorities, something that while highly unprofessional makes for good media. The result of such public statements has landed the two Polish wingers on the market looking for new homes.

"We were just questioning his motives. He's slowly been shipping off those who brought this club to where it is now. And for what?" said Bednara, the 25 year old has been with the club since he was 15 being transferred to Guelph for $275,000 back in season 3. "I got wind from a buddy of mine that he was scouting in Brampton. canucks357 is spouting off this *youth youth youth* crap and behind everyone's back he's scouting a 36 year old goalie!?! What is that crap? Not only would he be the oldest goalie in the game, but the oldest player! Heck, he's darn near the age to be qualified for staff!"

Initially canucks357's public representative would not entertain questions from the media, especially after Bednara and Dziurdzik were placed on the market however the Spectra was given exclusive access.

"I was scouting in Brampton, yes. The player was a 36 year old goalie, yes. However, what people don't realize is that there is more to hockey than meets the eye. This player is a real gem. Not only is he 36 (soon to be 37 when next season rolls around) but he is 5/6 CL. That is unheard of! He'll be playing well into his 200s at this rate. Not to mention his versatility. He was scouted as a goalie however also is an adequate forward. Add to that his towering size and Bernatchez is an attractive asset" said canucks357. "However, after all that effort, Bernatchez turned down a contract offer and wishes to remain manager of the Atikokan sports franchises operating under the alias JoruneZephyr."

The Redshift continue to be in hunt for new youngsters as they go through a full rebuild. However, with today's loss and some unfavourable results among teams they were chasing, the boys in Red won't be making the final-8 this season. In fact, given the amount of transfers out and how hard the team has been pushed, one would expect the Reds to find a home among one of the second division leagues next season.

"We fought hard this season. We tend to find ourselves in situations like this in the top league, a few unfortunate losses and we're dinked. We lost four games 1-0 this year including two back-to-back. That really sunk us and despite pushing hard we never recovered" said Tim Newton who has still remained strong in the Reds' net. "I suspect it'll be an emotional few games as more faces play for the last time before we get into playoffs. We'll do our best to stay up and not relegate but at the very least we guarantee the fans some gutsy playoff hockey."

No word yet on management's comments in regards to missing the playoffs. Some suspect there were outside sources tampering with the results.

"You know those ProLine commercials? Anything can happen? Well biznow is a sports better. I can see him betting against us and rigging the games so we lose. Will be nice to see him in div2 next year. Show him what a real team looks like" said Braden Debeau the team's captain. "I think I remember the other teams' goalies being extra large when we got shutout. So big that it looked like Howard Wolowitz's mother was in net. I wonder what biznow had to do to get that deal done. Scratch that, I don't want to know."

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