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ZDA Razorback Thugs - Thugs Future is Now!

The Razorback Thugs have been toiling in the gutters of the minor leagues for years. This year was their first kick at the best the US has to offer. A dissappointing four string loss at the end of the season eliminated them from playoff contention. The owner of the Hogs has decided to implement new strategies to deal with the stronger competition. Those strategies have not been unveiled to the public, but through a female reporter, one of the fourth string defensemen was heard to say: "These new ideas suck!". Under further questioning the new strategies were revealed to include "shock therapy", "heavy steroid usage", "medically induced rages", "offsite training near Cuba" and several heavy handed approaches to the existing roster. In response to the whining, the female reporter was heard to say "Man Up!". We are considering a roster spot for the female reporter. In ending, our cherry has been burst and we are looking forward to rougher play next year! Several goons will be brought up from our farm team to deal with the dirty and vengful Mountain Yetis. There will be no party with Thug losses on the mountain this year! Soooooooeeeeeeeee, bring on the new season!

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