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ZDA Razorback Thugs - Thugs Management in Turmoil!

A secret team of CIA operatives have killed the management team for the Razorback Thugs! After the embarassing early loss in the National Cup tourney, owner Head Hog enlisted CIA undercover agents to seek and eliminate all that were involved in the decision to send first stringers into camp during the tourney. The bodies have been recovered and will be on display at the Boar's Nest rink for public viewing. The message has been sent...............incompetence will not be tolerated. The newer recruits to the starting line up have been sent to counseling regarding the soiling of their hockey breezers after finding out of the news. Owner Head Hog was overheard in the dressing room to mention several names that had been transfered to his hit squad for future monitoring. There is no room for further mistakes in this franchise. This is a shot across the bow for this roster.................time will tell if other bodies will find a home on display at the Boar's Nest!

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