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Change of user name enabled

Hello friends,

I have some big news for you today. Many of you have asked us whether it would be possible to change your user name. Due to the significant interest among you, we have been thinking about implementing this option while preserving the integrity of the game and community. Therefore we have come up with a restriction that will keep the confusion of changed user names to the minimum. First of all, everyone will be able to change their user name only once. Second, it is not be cheap. It costs 100 credits and it has to be approved by the administrator. The price is high to minimize the number of changed user names. It is not in our interest to cause confusion with the identity of players. You can find all the details by clicking the sprocket wheel in the universal user interface (not the one in the hockey account).

Another one of your requests has been the option to paint the whole ice surface. Once again we have decide to please you by putting this option to the page where you can create your custom ice surface. The new option costs 70 credits because all these surfaces have to be prepared manually for use by our graphic artists.

Last time we announced the preparations for the new feature called Market agent. However, after your negative reactions we decided to postpone the launch of this feature. We are currently considering the pros and cons of its launch. We decided to listen to your reactions.

On the Facebook front, we are trying to get a massive campaign going. Our captains have been creating national groups. You are welcome to join our international Facebook group and also your national PPM group (if available). Send invitations to your friends and help the community grow. Check all the groups here:


If you happen to be an admin of a Facebook group, feel free to contact us and agree with us on partnership.

Finally, I would like to ask you to vote for us at the following website:


To complete the vote, you need to click inside the incomplete circle on the picture.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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