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Team analysis

Hello everyone,

I bring you news about the latest developments on PPM. First of all I would like to announce that the PRO pack owners can now enjoy the benefits of team analysis. This great new feature will give you overview of the stats of your team and the teams of your opponents with plenty useful info like power play and penalty kill efficiency a many many more. It is certainly worth having. The analysis will be a great help in deciding which tactics to use. Furthermore, you will be able to see what are your team's weaknesses and strength and compare them with your opponents. If you have been thinking of going PRO this should certainly tip the scales in favor of PRO pack.

In other news the TOP section has been improved and polished. It still may have some issues and is not updated automatically but that will be solved in the near future. The TOP section is also a PRO feature and non-PRO managers can only see the first page with top teams in all leagues. PROs can also see ranks in a number of other categories and you can now filter to see only your country or your league stats. You can see how your players compare on the national scale or in your own league. We hope you will like the new look.

One more thing that is a little harder to spot. The list of staff member transfers can now be seen on Your transfers page. Now you can see the history of the staff members that you or any other team has bought or sold.

That is all for now. Enjoy the new features and I will inform you about more development later.

Have a nice day


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