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News from PowerPlay Manager

Hi friends,

I'm bringing the latest news from PowerPlay Manager. First of all, I have to mention that the work rate has increased significantly since we have opened our new office. Here are the news:


1. Each and every one of you will get the opportunity in the hockey account to choose the starting position in the full version of the game. You will also learn all there is to know about the restart of the game. The choice is available until March 1, 2009. We would like to point out that the top tier leagues have a limited number of spots and the managers who are positioned higher in the waiting list will have the priority.

2. We have added hockey FAQ to the Information section.

3. You can now acces the hockey account directly by logging in from hockey welcome page at:

4. We have implement the popularity of players as well as an All Stars page with the All Star team for each game day. Popular players increase attendance but they also tend to demand higher salaries.

5. We have implemented a very convenient page called Planning where you can now select lineups and tactics for various types of games. This is a PRO feature.

6. It is now possible to turn off sound in LIVE broadcast.

7. We have implemented and automatic jersey creator, which you may use to help you create your jerseys.

8. We have fixed the sorting in league stats.

9. We made some graphical changes in the PRO version of leagye standings.

10. We limited the maximum fee for a player or staff member that is not sold to 10 million.

11. We are planning to adjust the prices of stands. Currently there is only a small difference in the price of the lowest and highest capacity of the stand. So it is clearly more convenient to build the highest capacity. We will change it so that the difference will be higher but the average price will stay about the same. The planned prices are already in the guide.

12. We will adjust the chemistry so that it will grow faster in league games.

Have a nice day.

Ivan alias tuttle

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