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The end of season 5 and other news

Hi friends,
We have successfully reached the end of the fifth season on PowerPlay Manager. I would like to extend my congratulations to manager Chevelle for winning the national cup and to manager nanuk for becoming the champion in the top division. What has the season brought us? The whole project has moved forward by a long way. As of January, we have opened our own office where we work and we have hired a second programmer. This, however, has increased the financial load of the project and it is our top priority to solve this problem. We have not implemented the announced payments from managers so far. We are trying to sell advertising space on our pages but it is not going very well. Hopefully it will get better. In any case, we would appreciate if you contacted us at, if you know someone who would be interested in buying an advertising space at PowerPlay Manager.

What's new in the game? As you could have seen, the negotiations with TV companies has been implemented. We have tuned up the Scouts page under the Players menu and added some new features there. We have also finished the calculation of attributes into the games announced in the previous news. That means that players with poor secondary attributes have been finalized. As there have been a number of questions about what kind of a player is a good player, I am adding a few examples: Player with attributes /the first one is primary and the other two are secondary/ 180 - 25 - 25 is not as good for his position as a player with attributes 120 - 30 - 50 and this second player is also better than a player with 70 - 90 - 90. Or a player with 130 - 80 - 30 is not as good for his position as a player with 100 - 80 - 50 who is also better than a player with 80 - 80 - 80.

What's planned for the near future? We will launch the long anticipated staff market, but at the same time we will make the salaries of the old employees more real which can leave a mark on the team finances. So be prepared for that. We will implement the team logo for PRO pack owners. If you want to try it, you have to switch Sponsor to "YES" in the hockey account on the left hand side under the PRO zone menu item.

Have a nice day.

Ivan alias tuttle

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