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The first season has started

Hi Friends,

Yesterday was a big day for PowerPlay Manager. The first league games in the full version were played. The good thing is that the game will now be more dynamic without any long pauses with no activity. Moreover, if larger number of managers decide to go PRO, we will be able to launch the beta version of soccer next winter and there will be much more activity on PowerPlay Manager.

What has changed before the league start?

1.We modified the fatigue of players in teams that play with 3 lines. These players will have less current energy after a game and they will have smaller training progress on game day.
2. The influence of maintenance center has been increased. The savings on the maintenance expenses will be bigger. Also, there is a chance of vandalism in the arena or unexpected damage on facilities. The higher the level of the maintenance center and its staff, the less frequent these things will happen and the damage and fines will be smaller. The damage and fines are higher when the arena and facillities are on a higher level.
3. We have changed the system of calculation of the seasonal energy. In beta version the fatigue effect was different if you played on high importance at the beginning of the season than if you played on high at the end of the season. We eliminated this effect.

What else are we planning during the first season? We will finalize the staff pages, training camp, trophies and loans. From the credit features we will implement the long awaited credit tournaments and credit challenge games. It will be possible to organize a special tournament for credits with our support (tournament page, system of the tournament etc.). The organizer will set the buy-in in credits, number of teams and distribution of prize money (how much credits for placings). Credit games will be based on challenges for credits. The users will decide how much credits each of them will put on the table. Then the winner takes all the credits. More info on this later.

Finally, I would like to ask you to vote for us on some of these pages:

By clicking 5 stars:

By clicking the link:

By clicking the link:

Thank you for your support.

Ivan alias tuttle

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