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Welcome to PRE Final version of hockey!

Hi friends,

The long awaited restart of the game has been successfully completed last night. So we are now in the PRE Final version of hockey, which brings a lot of changes. They are described below:

1. PRE Final version will not be restarted and it will gradually evolve into the Final version within the next few months. The game starts in earnest! Some features such as national team competitions and international cups are going to be finalized during the Pre Final version. But the large majority of features is already fully functional today.

2. All teams start from the same starting line. Entirely from scratch. Only the team name and arena name remained.

3. 35 biggest countries on PowerPlay Manager got their own leagues. There will also be a world league for teams from other countries.

4. The assignment to leagues was successful and most managers will start from a higher league than they played in beta. I hope they will be satisfied. It is certain that many managers will not start from the league that they selected in the settings. The reason is simple. Only a few teams play in the top leagues so there is not enough room there for everyone. Everybody will have to accept their league and fight on.

5. The playing tempo will get to normal mode. One game a day will be played, which will certainly please most managers. There will be more time to react and the game will become more playable.

6. For now, the games all around the world will be played at the same time - 1:00pm PPM time which is 6pm CET. In a few days we will allow everybody to set their local time and Your time will be the same as your local time. That will help you follow he game. In the next step we will create 2 or 3 various times of games for some remote time zones.

7. The first 14 days will only be reserved for friendly games and the league season will start on April 20. Before it starts we will fill up the energy of all players to maximum.

8. The PRO pack has been deactivated to everybody. Those who have bought credits will be able to activate it. It is possible that the activation will not be functional for a few hours in the morning (CET) but it will surely be available during the day. I would like to thank every manager who has supported us financially by buying the credits or is going to do so. Without your help the project would not survive and by buying the credits you will make the development of more sports possible. The next planned sport - soccer could be launched to beta version by the end of the year if there is going to be enough money.

9. Before the launch of PRE Final version we have modified a few things in the game. As a PRO feature it is possible to  create jerseys for away games. We have reduced the salaries of older players and we have modified the decrease of overall team rating so that it decreases not by 33% at the end of the season but by 25%. These changes will improve the economic management of the teams.

That is all from me for now. We in PowerPlay Manager team are also looking forward to serious league battles. By the way, if you want your friends to play PowerPlay Manager with you it is a good time to tell them about this game. This is the last chance to play the game from the start.

Kind regards,

Ivan alias tuttle

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