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News on PowerPlay Manager

News on PowerPlay Manager

Hello friends,

I have not published any news for some time. The reason is, that we have been rather busy lately and our main programmer Gioel got sick. I wish him a speedy recovery. Currently we are occupied by the preparation of the game on the system of payments. We have to invest a lot of time into this. It is very complicated and the future of the whole project depends on it. The most difficult part, the implementation of the payment systems, is yet ahead of us.

What has been new in recent days? Here are the latest news:

1. We have implemented the PRO feature of the live draw of the national cup. Here is how it all looks like:
We will fine tune this page, but I am sure it will gain some fans.
2. As we have mentioned, we have modified the prices of the stands.
3. We have finished the profiles of countries on PowerPlay Manager.
4. We fixed the bug with a goal and penalty in the same second which caused the lack of goal play in the live broadcast.
5. We have created faces for players as a PRO feature.
6. We have created a new section team settings /icon on the right hand side of the hockey account/, where you can change the team name, arena name or add a team website. These are credit features which are available once for free before the restart.
7. We have lowered the maximum length of injuries.
8. In the manager profile, team profile and the game summary there is a visitor counter - PRO feature.
9. PowerPlay Manager has opened two groups on Facebook, which we would love to spread to the masses. We would like to ask all of you for help with this quest. We are trying to unite all PowerPlay Manager fans and also all sports fans. How can you help? Join the groups and recommend them to your friends. Thank you very much.
The groups are:
10. You can also support us by voting on various pages. You can do so here:

Usually you can vote once a day. Thank you for your support.

Ivan alias tuttle

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