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More suggestions implemented

Hi folks,

we are continuing in our efforts to improve the game by implementing your suggestions. Today we have released two of your suggestions. The first one concerns the creation of pucks, pennants, goalkeeper masks, gloves and jerseys as well as player shoes. Until now you the payment in credits was done at the beginning of the whole process. You paid the fee and then you could upload and edit your design. From now on the payment will take place at the end of the process. That means you can upload and edit your design and when you are satisfied with how it looks, you can finalize it and pay the fee.

Have you ever come across a transfer that looked suspicious to you, but you couldn't report it, because it wasn't completed yet? From now on you don't have to wait for the deadline to pass. As of today you can report suspicious transfers before the bidding deadline in the player's profile. But be careful when reporting transfers because abusing the feature is against the rules and punishable.

Basketball news

We have moved league games in 12 countries an hour earlier from 20.30 CET to 19.30 CET to make the live games more accessible for managers from these countries. These countries are:

Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Other World

What's next?

I can tell you a bit from our future plans. There are a few more of your suggestions that we will implement in the near future. We are glad that you help us improve the game this way. We will also make several of the PLUS pack features available for free. Some of them concern the draft. Stay tuned for more news.

Have a nice day!

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