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New features

Hello friends,

Today's news is a little brief but that much more pleasing. I will write in points.

1. We have implemented the team logo PRO feature. It is available to everybody via the Team Info page, but you need to activate your PRO pack. You can do so by switching Sponsot to YES underneath the PRO Zone menu item on the left hand side of the hockey account.

2. We have implemented the team jersey PRO feature, which is also available on the Team Info page. Logos and jerseys are displayed in a number of places - team info, calendar, game summary or live broadcast. Therefore they are viewed are many and we are planning to hold contests for the most beautiful jersey or logo.

3. We will launch the staff market as of Monday. It will be accessed from the same place as the player market, you will only have to select the required section. WARNING: the salaries of old staff members will rise significantly. This should be covered by the increase of money from the TV companies. This will be a new tactical element. Not every club will be able to afford a lot of staff members, this will be up to manager to decide.

4. PowerPlay Manager has founded two groups on Facebook, which we would love to spread to the masses. We would like to ask you all for help in this matter. We are trying to unite all the fans of PowerPlay Manager and also all the sports fans. How can you help?
Join these groups and recommend them to your friends. Thank you very much for your support.
The groups are:

5. Another form of support is voting for us on other pages. You can vote here:

You can usually vote once a day. Thank you for support.

Ivan alias tuttle


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