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  Elections - Slovakia

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8.4.2020 18:00


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This is where you can sign up for candidacy for the position of general manager of any national team. You can also vote here for general managers of the national teams in your own country. To be a candidate you need to have manager experience of at least 51. There are two rounds of elections. 10 managers with the highest number of preferential votes advance to the second round of the elections.

Candidates for the position of general manager of the senior national team

Ondrej Rapavy - Slovakia HK Nitrianske Hrnčiarovce - Slovakia IV.13
Preferential votes: 9

Každú sezónu kandidujem len tak zo srandy a recesie. TERAZ ALE VÁŽNE!
Vás neštvú každoročné výsledky našej r... Read the presentation

PRO pack owner Slovakia Ranger98 - Slovakia Rangers™ - Slovakia II.1
Preferential votes: 8
Rad budem pokracovat pri dlhodobej praci so seniorskou repre. Zapracovavnie mladych NAJ hracov vo svojich kategoriach je nevyhnutne ak chceme byt dlhodobo konkurencie schopne muzstvo. Plan a strategiu mame, vysledky sa dostavia :)
Za podporu velmi pekne dakujem ;)
... Read the presentation