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  League results: IV.2 (Slovakia) - Season 44

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Season: Country: League: Game day:

Home team Away team Score
Slovakia Public Account Slovakia HC Vinohrady nad Váhom† 0:25
Slovakia GUCI4 Slovakia HC Bardoňovo 7:3
Slovakia Metal666    Slovakia Nitra-Corgoni 0:4
Slovakia HC Slovan Nove Zamky Slovakia Team noname 131197 22:0
Slovakia HK RABČA 119860 † Slovakia Ultimate Underdogs HC       3:4 OT
Slovakia Lokomotiv Režinka Slovakia Biele Tigre Capitals       1:0 OT
Slovakia HC Sulini Slovakia Team noname 131493 14:0
Slovakia Vancouver Canucks Slovakia HC Šajba    4:0
Slovakia HK Sabinov Slovakia Team noname 131863 21:0
Slovakia DEP014 Slovakia Považan Gladiators† 16:0