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  League results: IV.2 (Slovakia) - Season 37


Season: Country: League: Game day:

Home team Away team Score
Slovakia Public Account Slovakia Ultimate Underdogs HC 0:16
Slovakia GUCI4 Slovakia Canucks Team 1:0
Slovakia North Stars 77 Slovakia Lokomotiv Režinka 15:0
Slovakia HC LaciTeam 123691 † Slovakia Loko Veche 13:0
Slovakia HC Hornets PB Slovakia HC Kometa Brno 3:1
Slovakia Belasí Orli Bratislava Slovakia Nitra-Corgoni 7:0
Slovakia HC 04 Nižnä Slovakia chicago hawks81 4:1
Slovakia HC KOMARNO Slovakia Vancouver Canucks 5:3
Slovakia HC 91 HRTN Slovakia DS delfins† 15:0
Slovakia Chicago Blackhawk's Slovakia Atoms 127143 † 26:0