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  Instant challenges - Recommended opponents

Instant challenges enable you to play immediately without waiting against any team. For every win you get points for the daily leaderboard. The stronger the opponent you defeat, the more points you earn. You can challenge opponents via team profile, daily leaderboard or this page.
Free challenges: 5/5 
Activate the PRO pack and get 5 extra challenges daily for free
Daily limit: 0/15 - Instant challenges in stock: 100

Stronger opponents

Team Manager Team strength Action
Sweden MellanmjölkErik Woll8Challenge
Slovakia Lev RipňanyMartin Hlavenka8Challenge
Estonia tartu rockdj speed8Challenge

Comparable opponents

Team Manager Team strength Action
Slovakia TrashersMarcussko7Challenge
Czech Republic HC Mysterysanny747Challenge
Czech Republic TJ Stadion Teplicezdenca47Challenge

Weaker opponents

There are no available opponents.