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  Goalie masks

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22.11.2019 18:00


This is where you can see all your goalie masks. You can assign every mask to one of your goalies. The mask will then be displayed in the profile of the goalie who's wearing it. The currently selected mask is marked and it is displayed in your team profile.

Nobody is wearing this mask.

This mask is being worn by your goalie.

New mask

First choose the mask type and then upload your picture. For the best result we recommend using a picture that is 130x150 pixels large. When you are satisfied with your mask, you can click to finish creating it. When you are done, you can finish creating the mask. After doing this, you will not be able to change it any more and the mask will be added to the list above.

Price in credits: 15

Mask type:

Recommended dimensions: 130x150 pixels
Maximum file size: 100kB
Supported formats: GIF, JPG, PNG