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  Official PPM Elite Cup

64 Teams
615 credits
Official PPM Elite Cup
ID 938
Organized by Developer of the PowerPlay Manager project vlady
Helpers Founding member of the PowerPlay Manager project maxo, Person close to PPM team Mike22, Founding member of the PowerPlay Manager project tuttle
Tournament start 2010-09-18
End of preliminary round 2010-10-03
Tournament end 2010-10-23
Number of teams 64
Number of teams per group 4
Number of groups 16
Number of teams advancing from each group 2
Total game days (including playoffs) 11
Number of legs in group stage 2
Game days Saturday Sunday
Contribution to the prize pool from the founder 500
Entry fee in credits 2
Prize pool 615
Average overall team rating 59.31
Info Official PPM tournament for teams with OTR over 200. Non-PRO users will be preferred.
ForumTournament thread

Distribution of prizes
Rank Prize share Prizes in credits
1 24% 150
2 16% 98
3 12% 74
4 8% 49
5-8 4% 25
9-16 3% 18