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The companies bid for sponsorship at the end of each season. The club receives three offers on each of the three consecutive days. If you accept any offer, the club will not receive further offers. If you do not accept any of the nine offers, the owners will sign a sponsorship deal with a fixed weekly income without bonuses on the following day. The general sponsorship deal is signed for the whole of the following season. Contracts with performance bonuses can be renegotiated midway through the season. The sum offered by the sponsor will be divided into regular weekly payments, which will be transfered to the club's account each Wednesday. Sponsors which offer bonuses for wins or ranking offer lower weekly payments. Read the conditions of each offer carefully before you make the decision.

General sponsor of the team


Contract rating:

Contract worth: 12,134,176
Weekly donation: 758,386
Bonus for each win in the league: 118,498

New general sponsorship offers

Days until the option to renegotiate the contract: 11