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If you plan to build up the arena or buy players but the financial situation is not the best, you can borrow money from the bank. You have to be careful when borrowing because the bank loans money with interest which has to be repaid as well. You can only have one loan at a time! Installments are paid in seven day intervals. If you took out the loan on Monday, your installments will also be paid on Mondays.

Your manager experience: 3446

Loan Maximum Large Medium Small Tiny Micro
Required manager experience 601 301 101 51 11 11
Loan amount 4,170,000 3,336,000 2,502,000 1,668,000 834,000 417,000
Interest rate 26% 22% 18% 14% 10% 8%
Weekly installment 262,710 254,370 246,030 237,690 229,350 225,180
Number of weekly installments
Total to be repaid 5,254,200 4,069,920 2,952,360 1,901,520 917,400 450,360