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New bugs appeared and old bugs fixed

Hi friends

Maybe you have already noticed it, but in the last 2 days the game calculation was much slower. Especially the lower leagues were finished late. It can be seen by the slow league standings updating. The reason is, that we have more registered hockey teams now and especially in the recent days there were many newbies. There is also another problem. Due to the fact, that we cannot open new leagues during playoff time, we must create these before the playoff starts and all the previous games of the teams are being calculated. And there are many to be calculated, sometimes more than 15 000 games in one calculation. All this together caused an error in the calculation which was not succesfully completed in the lower leagues and we must start it manually. There happened another error, which caused that some league standings are incorrect and also new teams have high overall team rating.

It is not necessary to report these errors to us. We will fix everything during the next 2 days. Also the calculation will be significantly improved, so the calculation time will be faster and league standings will be updated quicker.


And what did we do in recent days?

  • we created the first version of the player notes /PRO feature/ so you can write notes for every player now from the player profile

What have we fixed?

  • 2 goals in the overtime - fixed
  • goalies changing bug - fixed
  • overall team rating was not increased after overtime loss - fixed
  • incorrect time on ice for goalies - fixed
  • home/away league standings were fixed /will be displayed correctly in the new season/
  • the employees progress displaying was fixed

Thank you


Ivan alias tuttle

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