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A small Christmas present from PowerPlay Manager

Hi friends,
In the name of the whole PowerPlay Manager team, I would like to wish
you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would also like to thank
you for your loyalty and support and I assure you, that we are doing
our best to make the game yet more enjoyable. Please enjoy the
Christmas postcard from our team:

And what about the present? We have implemented a number of new
features and screens for the Christmas. We hope you like them. Below
is the summary of the new features:

-> the possibility to follow players, which you can then find in the Scout page
-> a notepad, where you can manage all the notes that you have written
about players
-> new league menu, which makes it easier to browse through when you
are browsing a different league other than your own
-> the possibility to define your player types. This way you can
better sort out your players and this player also has the important
attributes highlighted
-> it is possible to chat about a player on the market
-> new screen with the bid history, so that you can see who has been
sending bids for the given player
-> new screen with the players raised by your sports academy, where
you can see where these players play and how they are doing
-> new screen with league injuries where you can see who is injured in
your league
-> new screen with the most wanted players, where you can see those
players who have had more than 10 bids
-> we have launched the first simple version of PP Magazínu, this will
be improved later
-> new browsing in the player's training progress plus a few new statistics
-> partial launch of the player's PRO stats
-> remade and simplified player profile screen

I would also lik to inform you about an important change that we have
made. We found out that if only one attribute of a player is trained,
the disadvantages are not as bad as we thought. Therefore we have
adjusted the abilities of this kind of a one-dimensional player in
such a way, that he will be able to utilize a smaller part of his best

As you may have noticed the simplified version of PP Magazine has been
running for a few days now. If you would like to write articles, or
other interesting information for the managers, please contact manager

Best regards Gioel

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