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New market features

Hi friends,

I would like to announce that we have launched a couple of new market features. The first one is page Latest transfers where, as the title suggests, you can check all the recent transfers. This feature is available in both the player and the staff market.

The other new feature is Market scout. This is a credit feature that costs 1 credit per use. The market scout searches for players sold over the past two seasons based on the filter options that you set. This allows you to gauge the possible price of players that you want to sell or buy. Just enter values similar to a player whose price you want to gauge and search. This feature is rather demanding on the database and therefore we couldn't include it in the PRO pack. It's likely that this feature will yet be improved in the near future.

Some of you have reported that you can see your bids on players and staff members on the Your sales and bids page even after the transfer is done. I would like to point out that this is not a bug, but the current setting of this page. There is no need to report this.

Finally here is another sneak preview at what we plan for the next season. I have already mentioned that we plan some new tactical options and some game engine improvements for the next season. Another one of these will be the option to set the approximate ice time for each line. This will give you better control over your team's performance. You will have to use this feature carefully because the more you play your stars, the more seasonal energy they will spend in the game.

Have a nice day!

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