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Recent game outages

Hi friends,

I am sure you have noticed the unusual number of recent outages of the game. The last two even lasted for several hours and the yesterday's outage caused that you couldn't prepare your teams for the playoffs and we also lost some less important data. We apologize to everyone and we would like to ask you for understanding. What is going on? The game has not been working as it should on one of our servers. We decided to add a new server to divide the load. You all know how difficult times the project is going through financially, but despite this we had to add a new server so that the game remains playable for you. The transfer to a new server caused new problems though. Some things were getting stuck for no logical reasons and this caused the outages. We were trying to figure out the problem but for a long time we couldn't solve it. Yesterday our provider has made some precautions to prevent such things from happening. I firmly believe we have managed to solve this problem.

In any case, thank you for your support and patience. Please take it as a beta version and that such things should rather happen now than during the full version. As far as the start of the full version is concerned, things are moving along constantly. You already know we have a new server. Currently we are intensively working on the PRO zone with payment possibilities. It is our top priority. Our finances are running dry and without the income from the PRO packs in a very short time the project will become impossible to run. We believe this is the last troublesome issue which we will be able to overcome with your help in April and nothing will stand in the way of the completion of the hockey game and the start of works on the next sport - soccer.

Thank you

Ivan alias tuttle

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