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SMS payments available

Hello friends,
We have some good news for you. Many of you have already been asking us if we will make it possible to buy credits by SMS messages. I am glad to announce that this service is almost ready to start in Slovakia and Czech Republic. It will only be a few more days and users in Poland will also be able to use this service. I know this is not a lot of countries so far but it is a start. It is quite possible that we will enable this option in other countries depending on the demand. Getting this option in operation costs us some money and we have to know that it will be successful in that country before we launch it. Currently we have a list of countries where we can enable the SMS payment option in the near future if we see that the demand is big enough to cover the costs. Feel free to express your opinions in the discussion below. If we get a good response it might help us decide.

In other news, the Ice Hockey World Championship promotion campaign is drawing to a close. Remember that the money must reach our account before the end of the World Championship in order to get the bonus. The time is short and this might be your last chance to get extra credits for the same price. The promotion ends on May 10, 2009.

As we have announced in the previous news, there is a new credit feature that you can use to change the surface of your ice. Some of you are not happy about the fact that your country is not in the selection. I would like to say that more countries will get their special ice surface painting but you have to be patient. They are being created based on the number of PRO pack owners in the country. So if your country has very few PRO pack owners it might take some time before the ice surface with the painting of your national symbol is available.

Thank you for understanding and have a nice day.


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