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It's World Championship Time

Hello friends,

The national teams will clash tomorrow in the opening games of the PPM World Championships. Who will be crowned the World Champion? Can it be a repeat for the Czechs? Will Latvia regain the title? Can the home team from Slovenia spring a surprise? Who will be relegated and who will be promoted? All the answers to these question will be revealed in the next 10 days.

Meanwhile, the last academy pull of the season is drawing closer. As we have done in soccer, the players will be generated automatically for you, if you don't view them before the end of the season. Then you can decide whether you sign them or not. But they will be 16 years old at the beginning of the next season. There is no way you can prevent them from aging now. The same applies to the last staff pull.

There are still empty slots in our Pension Tyrol tournaments where you can win accommodation in the Alps. Visit the website of our sponsor to find out more about the location and scenery. If you don't manage to win the first 3 prizes, you can still win PPM shirts, caps and T-shirts with your nickname.

If your OTR is over 200, sign up for the Pension Tyrol World Elite Open tournament. If it is 200 or less, sign up for Pension Tyrol World B-Open. Your OTR will drop at the beginning of the new season by 30% so you can join in the B-tournament after the start of the new season if your OTR drops below 200. If you are already signed up, you should try and promote the tournament so that it fills up. It would be a real shame if it got canceled due to lack of participants.

In other news we have made a couple of minor changes. First one is that when you repay the loan prematurely, it doesn't happen immediately. Loans are repaid in 1 hour intervals at the same time when transfers are processed. This is to avoid such cases when the loan was repaid multiple times because the user clicked the button more than once. The second one is that you have to save the changes that you make to training in education center. Until now the page refreshed every time you made a change. This is more user friendly.

There are 9 days left in the Month of Referrals. Here is the provisional top 10. Remember that you get 1 credit for each verified referral once you reach 10 referrals. The top 3 will also receive PPM souvenirs.

1  Holypaladin 461
2  Zikij 223
3  JosipDumancic 187
4  jackass9 165
5  eldorado 158
6  marceloflm 150
7  acko83 113
8  lucka17 78
9  pepo487 67
10  Ptak666 65

Finally, we would like to thank managers jackass9 and BorKan for improving the Croatian database of names and Exorcist, udoji, gushtera and DarKi for improving the Bulgarian one.

Let the Championships begin!

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