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Latest news from PPM

Hello friends,

I bring you the latest news from the PPM headquarters. Let me start by saying that it is now possible to advertise candidates in the national team elections. Anyone can do this for their favorite candidate. The elections for the national manager in hockey are just around the corner and this is a great way to boost someone's chances of getting elected. The important thing to remember is, that the ads are displayed only to the users from the country where the candidacy is registered. The reason why it is so, is to maximize the effectiveness of the ads and bring them to the target audience and potential voters. The risk here is that under certain circumstances, it might not be possible to deliver all 1,000 impressions. This can happen especially during the night hours when the traffic in the given country is low.

Recently there have been increasing number of cases where some managers agreed with others to play league games on low or very low importance. We would like to make it clear that this kind of practice is a serious violation of the rules. It is considered as cheating and unfair to the other managers, especially those playing in the same competition. A lot of managers have been given a hefty fine because of this already, but we are going to be much stricter from now on. Anyone who attempts to fix game importance with an opponent will be blocked indefininely. We will not tolerate this and we will fight it because it ruins this game. This applies to all kinds of competitive games, whether it be league game, national cup, international cup or a world championship. Friendly games and credit tournaments where the importance setting may be defined in tournament rules are an exception.

The new hockey season is about to start on Monday. We were planning to present a new version of the National Cup where all the countries would start at the same time and the seeding would be done before the end of this season. Unfortunately, due to some delays, we weren't able to do this in time. There will, however, be a change in the seeding system. The league level will be the first criterion in ordering the teams and OTR will be the second one. The rest of the changes will be implemented next time around.

The Great Referral Campaign is heading towards the finish line. There is exactly one month left. The 20 points needed to enter the lottery for Nintendo Wii has been achieved by only 29 users so far. If you are close to 20 points, it is certainly worth some extra effort to join this small group and have a really good shot at winning. Even if you are on 0, it is not too late to start now and it is still possible to get those points. You can also win one of 10 T-shirts and earn a nice amount of credits along the way.

Have a nice weekend!

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