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PRO pack improvements, new credit features

Hi friends,

It's been a while since the last news, but that doesn't mean that we have been idle. Apart from the long term on-going projects such as the improvements of football game engine, we have been working on some features that you might find useful.

The first one is a PRO feature called automatic training for staff members. Just like you have with players, you will be able to set the attribute ratio which you want your staff members to achieve and/or maintain. Moreover, you will be able to set a cap for each attribute if you don't want to train the staff member any more. This can be useful if you want to avoid the salaries of your staff members to grow to a point where you can't afford to pay them any more.

But that's not all. The already existing auto-practice for players will be getting a face-lift too. Very soon, you will be able to easily turn the auto-practice on and off for each individual player without losing your settings.The practice ratios that you have set, will be displayed on the practice page (and the eduction center for staff members). This will give you a quick overview of your settings. If these numbers will make the page too confusing for you, you will have the option to turn them off by displaying the standard version of the page.

The above mentioned features are currently in testing phase and they will be launched in the next few days.

Now for features that have been already implemented. In football, we have created a PRO version of the lineup page. It contains a column called Player type to help you build the best lineup. The attributes of players are now colored the same way as on practice page. In order to see player types, you need to set them in the players' profiles.

The new credit feature lets you quickly find opponent with pennants or pucks that are missing in your world collection. You can find an opponent in the league level and country of your choice. If you are looking for any kind of opponents with pennants or pucks that you haven't got yet, you can use the search feature in the Collector's gallery. There you can search for 3 random opponents in one go.

We have also given a new option to our gamemasters. They can now mark transfers as compensated. These transfers now have a special icon. They are neither approved, nor punished. Even though the gamemasters have been compensating transfers for several years, they did not have the option to give a special marking to such transfers. See the rules for more information on why transfers are compensated.

Finally, we would like to ask you to rate our game here:

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Rate soccer

Thank you and have a nice day!

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