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Unpack the Christmas presents from PPM!

Dear managers,

Christmas is knocking on the door and we have a few early presents for you. Some of them have been announced earlier, others are new. There is a lot to report, so I'll get straight to the point.

A brand new PRO feature has just been implemented. It is called Team strength progress and it displays the progress of your team strength over the course of the last 112 days. You can even compare your progress to any team you want. You can access this feature from the profile of the team you want to analyze, from Team analysis and from Next game (Next match) page. The feature is available in both hockey and soccer.


The new season has begun and we have made some improvements in the game engine and statistics as we had promised.

  • The assists are now being displayed in the match report and they have been added as a new statistical category. They have influence on the selection of the Man of the Match as well as Team of the Day. At the end of the season, the top ten assist leaders in each league will win prize money for their teams.
  • The average number of cards per match has been reduced somewhat to bring it closer to reality.
  • Poorly trained players are being more penalized than in the past (as of today).
  • Players with better technique and better attributes overall are less likely to commit a foul.
  • Half-time stats in the match report will be added in the near future. Unfortunately we weren't able to do this in time for the start of this season.


Those who play soccer already know this. We have improved the PRO feature called Automatic opponent search option to enable you to apply the same conditions for a week or even a month, not just single day. How does it work? Just click on a date in your calendar where you don't have any match scheduled and open the Automatic opponent search. At the bottom you can see a new option where you can choose to apply the same conditions on the following days as well. The settings will be saved and the system will find you suitable opponents for each empty date as soon as they are available.

The team analysis now shows National Cup games among the last 5 games played by the team.

Christmas discounts

The Christmas discounts on PRO packs in hockey will expire this Thursday at 12.00 CET. If you buy a 12-month hockey+soccer PRO pack, you will save 160 credits. Hurry up because an offer like this won't repeat itself in a long time to come. Activate or prolong your PRO packs in the PRO zone.

Want an original NHL jersey?

If you buy at least 500 credits (or have bought since October 28, 2011), you can join the Supporters Cup for free and play for a chance to get your favorite NHL jersey.

You can also sign up for one of the other three FansMania tournaments in addition to the one mentioned above.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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