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Hall of Fame is here!

Hello friends,

a great new feature is coming your way today - the Hall of Fame! If you have a player on your team, who deserves a special place of honor, this is a feature tailor-made for such an occasion. You can honor your all-time top scorer, or the most valuable player on your team, or perhaps a player who has scored the game-winning goal in the final of your league, or anyone who you feels deserves a place in your club's Hall of Fame.

When you add a player, the information within his exhibit will be like a snapshot from the time when the player was inducted to the Hall of Fame. His stats, attributes, achievements will remain the same as they were, when you added him. If he is an active player in your club, you can expel him and induct him again to update the information in his exhibit. You can only induct players who are currently in your club.

You can also type in additional information about the player inside his exhibit that everyone will be able to read. You can choose whether you want to publish his attributes and qualities. You can choose to only show his attributes and not the qualities. It is up to you to decide. Hall of Fame is a credit feature and inducting a player costs 5 credits. To induct a player, open his profile and click the option Add to the hall of fame on the right hand side of the screen.

Remember that you can still change your team name and save 33% until Tuesday, 15:00 CET. The feature is available in team settings.

Last Friday we have changed the calculation of quality estimates in order to remove a bug that has been reported (users with very good scouting efficiency were able to see precise qualities of players who were not scouted). You may have noticed this change. However, the maximum deviation from the correct qualities has been changed along with that. As of Monday, we will change the maximum deviation back to the same level as it was before last Friday, but this time without the mentioned bug.

Have a nice weekend!

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