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First official PowerPlay Manager meeting and some news

Hello friends


I want to inform you, that on saturday 18th October 2008, at 18 00 we will have first official PowerPlay Manager meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia. it will be in  "Hokejka" pub and all managers are very welcome. We will discuss the game, drink few beers and we will try to know each other better. with this meeting we will establish the tradition which will regulary continue. we plan to have also meetings in other countries. Our official photographer mattko and main journaklist mazakis will also take part, so you can already look forward to the report from this meeting.


Now to other things. Many of you are asking me about the situation with Live broadcast. Debik is intensivelly working on this with the help of our testers. Its really complicated but I hope, that the following week we can go online with the first version. Another problem we have is the rate of leaving managers in PowerPlay Manager. 40% of all hockey registrations are logging daily, 20% time to time and 40% are leaving after the first login. We have cca 6500 core managers now but the leaving 40% is a bit too much. We believe, that the reason is that newbies do not read the manual and they are confused and do not continue to play. To avoid this we decided to create a HELPER position in PowerPlay Manager. The helpers will be  something like tutors who will answer the questions in the forums and email. Every new manager will be able to see the helpers from his country and to write them an email. So, now we are looking for the concrete persons. If you want to be a part of PowerPlay Manager team and become a helper, contact us to We will choose the best ones. Experience in game is a must.


thank you


Ivan alias tuttle

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