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PF 2009 and market changes

Hi friends

First of all I would like to wish you all the best in the new year 2009 in the name of the whole PowerPlay Manager team. In particular I wish you all the best in health, happiness and love, because these three things bear other positives as well. :-) In any case, I hope that everybody will have a more successful year than the previous one.

Now to those market changes. Since the trading has grown into absurd heights, which threatens the principles of the game as a hockey manager, we had to take some restrictive precautions. They have been announced in advance and we implemented them on Tuesday with certain modifications. I would like to say that some problems occured on Tuesday but the principles mentioned below are in effect as of Wednesday:

1. maximum fee for a sold player is 50%
2. the transfer fee is determined by the number of sales over the last 112 days
3. the fee is 5% for 0 to 10 sold player, with the next sale the fee grows to 7% and so on by 2% with every sale until the maximum of 50% is reached
4. the number of sales over the last 112 days can be found on the page MARKET - YOUR TRANSFERS
5. unsuccesful sales do not count into this number
6. on the other hand, players from sports academy do count into this number
7. the fee for a player that is not sold stays on 5% from the starting bid price, minimum 10 000
8. player can be sold only after 50 days after he was bought. This does not apply to original players and players from sports academy

And at the end short info about a new function. We have started the automatic planning of the friendly matches which is a future PRO function. You can  plan your friendly games  automaticaly form now on by using the link in the free day window in your calendary. We hope you will like it.



Ivan alias tuttle

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