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Team restart info and new updates

Hi friends,

I have been getting a lot of questions about the restart of the game and the transition to the full version recently, so I decided to tell you a bit more about it. First of all I must say that restart is inevitable because the playing conditions have been changed a number of times and thing are still being tweaked. Many people don't even know about the restart and so I hope they will at least read this news and they will not get angry when they find out they lost their teams. Therefore please take this as a training for the full version and try different things so that you will be able to get the best results in the full version.

Let's recap the most frequent questions:
1. When will the game be restarted? This is not precisely set, though we have set ourselves a target to start the full version on April 1, 2009 at the latest.
2. Will I lose my whole team? Yes, all teams will be deleted and every manager will create a new team.
3. Will there be national leagues, or will all nations play in the same league?
Countries with at least 50 active managers during the beta version will get their own national leagues. Currently this conditions is fulfilled by 35 countries.
4. Will the full version be complete and final? No, but most of the features will be finished and will not be changed. It is certain that there will be no more restarts during the full version.
5. How will the assignment to leagues be determined? The system is not yet determined, but it will certainly be possible to choose if one wants to play in the upper divisions, lower divisions or whether it doesn't play a role. The important thing is, who will be able to choose first. In the first round, the managers with a team in beta version will be able to choose, because these are our most important players. In the second round those who are higher in the waiting list will select first. Only then, the rest of the managers will be able to choose.

And now the latest updates to the game.

  • the games are once again updated in the TOP section
  • the influence of league games on overall team rating has been increased and vice versa, the influence of friendlies has been decreased
  • the OTR decrease after the season changed to 66% of the original number; league influence taken into the account – higher league = higher OTR increase rate
  • the influence of game attractiveness on the overall team rating and attendance has been implemented; the attendance will grow if the points difference between the two teams is small... this will reduce the attendance in the next season as maximum influence was taken into account until now
  • improved skater and goalie stats, e.g. shutouts have been added to goalie stats
  • the influence of shooting has been somewhat modified, it is still very important but players with weak other attributes will not be able to rely on it so much...only shooting will not be enough...
  • the player's stats from the previous club will be deleted after the transfer
  • we have limited the sending of challenges to 30 days in advance and 120 days in advance for PRO pack owners
  • if anyone fires a player with OR over 250, that player will go to the market. This also applies if his contract expires and is not renewed by the manager.
  • the minimum transfer fee is 10 000
  • if a player is on the market, his salary is published

Have a nice day.

Ivan alias tuttle

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