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Rodman brothers in PowerPlay Manager office

Dear friends,

as you know, our office was open to visitors during the Ice Hockey World Championship. Officially the dates were May 3 and 4, but we had some visitors on other days too. Some people came from really far away.

We were especially glad to welcome our Slovenian Godfathers and national team players Marcel and David Rodman. The guys found some time to visit our office day after their game against Germany. Even though they were really tired, they wanted to see the PPM office and they signed our guest book. One day later, they played probably their best game at the World Championship when they helped defeat Latvia 5-2. Both brothers recorded a pair of assists in this game. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to avoid relegation. The guys were very disappointed when we met them after their final game against Belarus, but they kept their promise and gifted their game-worn and signed jerseys to PPM office. We are very thankful for that. We will make a special place for these jerseys in our office.

Among other visitors there were the Hungarian captain Kityusz (who had his birthday when he visited us) along with maybe the oldest manager in Hungary nyugdijas. Later on we had visitors from Sweden - the captain for Sweden and Norway Niklazzon and his brother barbaren. They stayed in Bratislava for several days and they had even become office inventory for a few days. Just when we thought that the distance record was set, they were bettered by visitors from Iceland - meele and his daughter. The former captain of Icelandic support team came to the World Championship to support his native country Latvia.

Even though the turn up was not huge, we were happy to welcome all the guests that came and seen our office and how we work. Thank you for coming.

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