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Where does PPM go from here?

Hi friends,

I am writing to you in a slightly dire mood today. We have been analyzing the project into more depth and the fact is that the times are more difficult than they were a few years ago and it greatly affects the functioning of the project. Because of the financial crisis the advertisements on our website are almost impossible to sell. We have been funding the project for almost 3 years from our own pockets and it is plain that we will not be able to continue in operation without financial aid from outside.

We have recently launched the full version of the game including the PRO features and now it is clear that without a sufficient number of PRO pack owners the game will not be able to survive in the long run. The first month was not so bad from this point of view. But then the numbers stopped growing and now we have about 6% of PRO pack owners. But the problem is elsewhere. Vast majority of managers activate the PRO pack for short periods and therefore also the money that we get is not sufficient. Currently we are working on the final features of hockey but we have already started developing soccer. Trust me when I say that the expenses on all of this are already pretty big.

What does this all imply? For those who like this game I felt obliged to give you this information so that you know where we stand with the project. If you really like the game and you want it to survive and to play other sports you can decide whether or not to support us and help with the project funding. Each one of you can make the judgement whether the fun and the time spent here is worth it and the whole project is in your hands.

Another way to help us is propagation. Our numbers have stopped growing in recent weeks and are even on a slow decline. If the game was played by more managers, it would be easier to sell advertisements and it would probably also help our financial situation. It would also be easier to agree on partnerships with important websites. Therefore we would like to turn to all our supporters with plea for help. If you enjoy playing PowerPlay Manager and you want to help, you can recommend the game to your friends or propagate us in other ways. If you have contacts with some websites where PowerPlay Manager could have an advertisement and you can arrange it, please contact us at support@powerplaymanager.com. We will appreciate any kind of help and we hope that we will be able to stabilize the finances and increase the number of managers as soon as possible.

With regards,

Ivan alias tuttle

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