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Custom ice surface and more

Hello friends,
I would like to share with you some of the new features that have been implemented into the game in recent days. The first and the most interesting one is the option to create a custom ice surface. Now you can paint your ice rink exactly as you want it. You can put your team logo on the ice or any other image you want to have on the ice (as long as it fulfills the conditions). You can access this feature from the Arena page. The price is 50 credits. It may seem a little expensive but all your designs must be prepared for 3D image by our graphic designer DebiK and it takes some time to do it. I hope you will enjoy this feature and personalize your ice rinks to make them unique.
Another new feature is very helpful for line editing. You can now switch entire lines. You can change line 1 with line 2 with one click of a button. Same can be done with lines 2 and 3 and lines 3 and 4. This feature is available for all users.
The team strength display on the Next game page is now a PRO feature. If you don't have a PRO pack, you can see the strength of your next opponent on the team profile page. Another PRO feature is the option to view the development of your overall team rating. You can find this on the Team Info page.
In order to make it easier to access the market, we have moved the whole market (for players and staff) to the left menu. I am sure you have noticed this change. It is now easier to navigate to the market.
Finally, I would like to ask you to support our game by voting for us on the following websites:
If you want to support us, you can do so by giving us a 5 star rating at this website.
The voting can be done by clicking "Bewerten". Then you select the number of points in each category (Spielspass, Grafik, Community) and submit your vote by clicking "Abgeben".
Thank you and have a nice day

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