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Win a PRO pack in the Easter competition!

Hi friends,

this year, the Easter on PowerPlay Manager will be more fun than usual. For the next 11 days, three new Easter eggs will appear on the pages of the game every day. Your task is to find all these eggs and if you do, you will get a free PRO pack for 7 days on April 4. If you play both sports, you will get the PRO pack in both of them.

If you cannot find an Easter egg on the day when it appears, don't worry, it will stay there until the end of the competition (April 4) or until you collect it. The last three eggs will appear on Easter Monday. To collect an egg, just click on it. You can see the number of eggs you collected in a special message in your account.

The eggs may be hidden on any page within PPM. If you only play one sport, don't worry. The eggs that appear in hockey, also appear in soccer on the same page. Keep your eyes peeled and have fun!

New relegation and promotion key

I have one more important announcement to make. The relegation and promotion key will change as of this season in soccer and at the end of season 14 in hockey. The new key will work the following way:

  • 20th place in hockey (22nd in soccer) - relegated to league number equal to current league number (e.g. II.1 to III.1)
  • 19th (21st) place - current league number + total number of leagues on your current level (e.g. II.1 to III.5)
  • 18th (20th) place - current league number + total number of leagues on your current level * 2 (e.g. II.1 to III.9)
  • 17th (19th) place - current league number + total number of leagues on your current level * 3 (e.g. II.1 to III.13)
  • same cycle for positions 16 to 13 in hockey and 18 to 15 in soccer to determine relegation/promotion round opponents
  • the relegated teams will be replaced by the teams from the leagues where they were relegated

The new system will ensure that the relegation zone in the leagues on the second lowest level will be pretty much the same and not like now when some leagues have a 4+4 relegation zone, while others have nowhere to relegate.

Even though we could have implemented the change in hockey this season, we have decided not to do it on such short notice.

Next time I will reveal some exciting news about handball. Stay tuned!

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