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New user statistics

Dear friends,

today we have enhanced the Statistics page. You can find here plenty of new statistics and rankings and see how you compare with the rest of the world or with your fellow countrymen.

Under Supporters you can find rankings of managers according to most credits bought, most verified referrals, most days with PRO pack subscription, most credits spent on credit features, most credit tournaments organized and most pucks/pennants created. In the Managers section you can find the rankings according to most experience gained, most PPM meeting participations, most logins, longest time spent in the user account and most forum posts.

Then there is a section that ranks the countries based on the highest percentage of PRO users, most managers and accumulated stats of most verified referrals, most logins and longest time spent in the user account.

Some of these stats have been there before, but most of them are new. In categories where it is possible to win an award, there is also an indication next to each user who has won an award. For example for getting 500 verified referrals, you will get a bronze award for your profile. You can see all the available awards to be won here.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the PPM founders will officially announce their plans for the future regarding the development of the next sport at the meeting in Brno on June 24. All of you are invited to attend this meeting and if you want to be there, when the name of the third sport is announced, you can sign up here.

Have a nice day!

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