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The first season is over

Hello friends,

the first season in the full version of PPM is now history. We have crowned 35 national champions and one champion in the world league. Congratulations to all that have been successful and good luck to everyone in the new season. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and that you are going to stay with us for another spell.

I have some news for you regarding new small features that we have implemented. The first small improvement is, that the qualities of attributes of a scouted player are now displayed green in his profile. This will give you an indication whether those numbers are precise or just estimates. Furthermore, we have added several new pages under League - Info. These pages are for PRO pack owners only and they contain players and staff from your league who are currently on the market, as well as all transfers in your league from the current season. These pages will give you a quick overview of the player and staff movements in your league.

Another small PRO feature is the column with the number of days since the transfer was made on the Transfers page. This will help you count how many transfers you had in the last 112 days in order to manage the transfer fee.

Many of you will be glad to hear that the Gamemasters' tool is up and running now and the efficiency of catching cheaters has increased. You can report suspicious transfers but please do this with care. Too many reports slow the gamemasters down and spamming the tool with a lot of unjustified reports may be considered intentional and may lead to a ban.

Finally I would like to turn your attention to voting for PPM on other websites. We would appreciate your votes on the following sites:

Click on "Bewerten" to vote, select rating for all three categories and then click "Abgeben"

If you want to help even more, you can find all the voting sites here:

Thank you for your support and good luck in the new season!


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