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Trophies and more

Hello friends,

Developers have been hard at work this week and we have managed to get a lot of work done. The most interesting part is the trophies in the team profiles of the teams that have won something. This is a PRO feature and the trophies are only displayed to the teams that have a PRO pack. The pictures of trophies have been created by user dilong. This way we would like to thank him for his help with the trophies.

Apart from this we have made some changes to the game calculation. It is now possible to change the goalie and withdraw the 4th line even when the score is tied after the first or second period. Just type in 0 in one of the required fields. The bug with unrealistic number of shots and faceoffs in the overtime has been fixed. The bug that added +1 in plus/minus rating to the center of the first line of the team that conceded an empty net goal has been fixed.

Another new PRO feature is the ability to save a filter on the player or staff market. It will help you find the right players on the market more efficiently.

As you have certainly noticed the game was down for a few hours on Wednesday evening CET. Some of the players and staff that was on the market were not sold for the expected price because of this. They had the deadline during the game outage. Due to human error we have not postponed the deadlines of all players during that time. We are humans and we make mistakes. We apologize to everyone who feels they have been negatively affected by the outage. We will do our best so that this never happens again. We have also implemented the option to postpone the deadlines of the staff members in cases like this.

Only recently we have implemented the "Online" page which can be accessed by clicking on the number of online managers in the upper right corner in the universal user interface.

Finally I would like to ask you for help connected with our marketing campaign. We have a group and a page on facebook and we would like you to join them and invite your friends too. You can find them here:

Thank you and have a nice day.


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