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International cups

Hello friends,

I would like to make a short announcement. The long awaited start of international cups is almost here. Tomorrow (Thursday) the Champions' League and Cup Winners' Cup start. Please take this as beta versions of these competitions. We might experience bugs or glitches and I would like to ask for help with reporting these potential bugs. Please use our forums to report bugs. The top three teams from the top 24 countries according to the number of teams are qualified for both of these competitions. The other 12 countries will have 2 teams in both competitions. If some team has qualified for both competitions, the Champions' League has priority. No team can play in both competitions. That means that if the top three from the National Cup were also top 3 in league I.1, then teams from fourth, fifth and sixth places of the National Cup qualify for the Cup Winners' Cup. The 5th and 6th place in the National Cup are determined by the Overall Team Rating.

Because these are only beta versions, the draw was not broadcasted like for National Cup. However, those who are in it, have the games planned in the calendar. All games will be played on Thursdays. The pages with schedule and standings are almost ready and hopefully we can put them online by the start of the competition.

If you believe there is some team that should have been in one of these competitions and it is not there, please report it as soon as possible so that we can fix this problem before the competitions start. I hope you will enjoy these competitions and may the best teams win.

Have a nice day


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