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Good news for those who like stats

Hello friends,

I bring a lot of good news today. Since the last time we have managed to implement a few more features that I think you will enjoy. First of all, we have opened the chat about a player on the market to all users. This was previously a PRO feature but we decided that it would be better if it was available to everyone.

We know how difficult it can be to find teams from your country in the Champions' League or Cup Winners' Cup. Therefore we have created a page under "Tournaments" called "Countries" where you can easily find all the teams taking part in these competitions from any country that you select.

We have also implemented the league forums. You can now easily access your league forum (or create a forum for your league if no one has done it yet) from the "League" menu. Discuss with your fellow league members and keep the league community alive. You can easily put your league forum to your favorite threads by clicking the pale grey star to the left of the thread title.

The best news, at least for me, is the fact that now you can see player statistics from the previous season. I like stats and I think this is a great improvement. Even more importantly you can see the playoff stats too. But only the quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze medal games and finals in every league count. So if your team has not qualified into the top 8 playoffs the stats of your players in the playoffs for minor positions will not be recorded. Placement games for 5th to 8th place do not count as well. In the player profile under "Detailed stats" you can see the breakdown of his stats based on the type of games he has played. Here you can also find stats from the previous seasons. These changes affect the League - Statistics page, the Players - Statistics page and also the Detailed stats page in the player profile as I have mentioned.

I would like to mention that the page which shows the progress of the Overall Team Rating is not working properly at the moment. Please do not panic. Your OTR is still being calculated properly only the page sometimes shows incorrect values. We will be working on fixing this problem.

Finally I would like to ask you to vote for our game by click this link:

You can find the other voting sites here:

We appreciate your support.

Have a nice day

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