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Referral bonus implemented

Hi friends,

the referral system mentioned in the news earlier this week has finally been implemented. You can find all the details under "Community -Propagation" in the universal interface. The idea is to reward those that help our community grow. Referring the game to your friends or placing our banners on your websites may now bring you free credits. We have added your referral link to our non-flash banner codes and you can use them to get many users and increase your chances of earning free credits.

For each referred user that gains at least 51 manager experience in any sport you get 3 credits. You also get credits in the amount of 5% of all the credits bought by users registering through your referral link.

You can keep track of your referrals in the PRO Zone. We have added the PRO Zone to the universal interface for practical purposes. We are still working on this so some things might not work there yet. But your referrals are recorded and you will get your due reward.

We have also rewarded users who have had at least 20 referrals under the old system. 17 users have fulfilled this condition. Thanks to all who have helped PowerPlay Manager grow.

I would also like to turn your attention to ranking of countries under "Tournaments - Countries" which will be used to determine the number of teams from each country in the international cups next season. Check where your country stands and if you are in the running, check your possibilities of qualifying for these prestigious competitions.

Finally, we have added the nicknames of players to the Players page into quotation marks between the first and last names. You can see an example here:

Have a nice day


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